More Plugins

I installed Ultimate Member plugin and realized that it didn’t update the login link in my themes.

Like a software engineer my knee jerk reaction was to look for the place in the PHP code that managed this little piece of data.  I came across the wp-includes/comment-template.php, but after having a quick view of the structure I realized that what I might be looking for may be in a database somewhere.      After toying around with it I decided to just find another plugin that would update my login page.  ‘Theme my login’ was the the choice.  It seemed to update the links on my comment template.

I’m not sure how they’re doing that.  A much deeper dive  into WordPress is inevitable.  I kind feel like ‘Ultimate Member’ Missed the mark.  I did expect that they update the wp_login_url function somehow to return the correct values instead of the default wp-login.php.