SBLOCK-WordPress Website

I’m managing a project to develop a website called for a couple of software developers who want to get into the cryptocurrency/blockchain space.  They have some good ideas about some projects they want to create.  This website is just a basic corporate website.  For this site they like the look of, and

Pages – They are purposely not revealing the projects they are working on until they are complete.  So the pages the actually need are minimal for starters.  They are looking for a clean modern corporate look, subtle but creative, custom fonts are a plus.

The winning look and feel will be rewarded with the contract to develop that site and many more.  They are

  • Home page
  • Contact
  • Press Release

Below find the SBLOCK logo and some ideas they like.


You may also contact me using the form below or in real time with the chat head in the lower right corner on the contact page.