So I think I’m Done

I might be done. I might be done developing this site. I’ll definitely pay attention to the plugins I have and see how they continue to perform. I have already noticed 1 major thing. My links in the administrative section to my pages all have double slashes after the domain name. I’m not sure which plugin caused it because it wasn’t always like that.

I looked at my tag cloud and plugin and WordPress plugin is number one and two. All I’ve been doing since I installed WordPress is installing plugins and blogging about that. With the themepack that I bought ( I did not get a social media auto login plugin but it was money well spent. I’m not so sure I want any social media on this site anyway. WordPress is definitely worth getting into. I will start to develop the rest of my sites using WordPress as a foundation. I’m more of a PostgreSQL and Python guy these days but I still like and respect the LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL and PHP) stack.

It’s time to add content.