Real Time Chat App

For my next miracle I will find a real-time chat app.  WordPress has been good to me so far.  I’m so glad I ditched my other CMS’.  Please feel free to add comments and tell me how late I am to the game.  I.. I.. I don’t think I’ll ever have to build another website from scratch again.


  • Security of the communication is really a stand alone subject:
  • Where us customer information kept.

Some of the feature I started thinking about are:

  • Real person.  For my purpose(s) I want real people and not bots on both ends.
  • An alert when someone comes to the site.  (Even a bot?)
  • I want to have a schedule of reachable time.
  • It must be/have mobile app capabilities.
    • There should be a (applications):
      • android application
      • IPhone application
    • People should be able to log in from any computer
      • with any browser
      • Desktop app
    • Multiple attendants.
    • Chat from any application to any other application
      • Social media application to
      • I stumbled across the possibility of integrating it to desktop apps like GoToMeeting, LogMeIn, JoinMe, etc.  How smooth is the transition from a customer service perspective from viewing site to chat to image or video presentation to sale.   Making that seamless will consist of a good site.  IOW conversion to customer

I started making note of some of the features I’m finding across websites:

  • – I really like this idea. texting through telephone numbers is a think of the past.  These guys claim to do something similar, I haven’t tried either.
  • looks like have something going on but I didn’t look deep enough.  I found what I needed too quickly.  I’m not much for integrating social media in this site.
  • (honorable mention).
  • (honorable mention).
  • (honorable mention).
  • –  looked good. I just found what I need already.
  • – looks like it will integrate you with just about any social media or messenger application on the planet.
  • is another site I cam across during my search for a real-time chat app.
  • – (honorable mention)


I started making notes of the requirements and best practices when using the various above sites had in order to use their app.  For this personal site it seems like a lot of the above sites were willing to give you a “starter kit” for the person who might resell or use this package on a professional level; perfect for me.  I’ll be the only  person using this one.


  • Personal information required
  • Technical requirements.

Best Practices

  • Spam protector.  Immediately the thought of being spammed came to me.


I decided to got with for now.  When I realized it was just JavaScript you could plug into any page I got even happier! It having an android app is another big plus