Enterprise Architect

I’ve know of Enterprise Architect for a while an lately got the authority to and purchased it via work.  I’ve used it a lot in the past.  It’s a great tool.  Somehow I’m in the rabbit hole of creating add-ins.  I must admit it is a great feature and I’m learning a lot.  It’s well worth it. I thought it was time to off load some of the knowledge I’ve acquired.

There is really no gimmick to the guys over at sparxsystems.com.  The only way you learn is by digging and getting into the community.  It’s a small community.  I think it’s because most companies don’t realize when they need something like this.

The forum is great place to find information but it’s really old website and searching is not the best. sparxsystems.com/forums/smf/index.php

Stack overflow actually does have a tag for it stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/enterprise-architect.  Although there isn’t much activity there.

I found the bellekens website to be awesome.  This guy/these people seem to have some real world experience. For me it’s all about automation.  For someone who hadn’t touched EA in like 7 years it was a great place to start.  He’s got tons of stuff on GitHub with examples https://github.com/GeertBellekens/Enterprise-Architect-Toolpack.

Writing EA Add-ins


https://github.com/search?q=enterprise+architect is the place to find stuff for EA you won’t find much if anything on GitLab.