On My Oculus Quest 2

So I decided to buy an Oculus the other day. More for virtual office and vSpatial than anything else. I got the K830 keyboard a week later and have been trying to configure it since.  I tried to find some online help and right away I noticed how little information there was on anyone actually configuring it.  Cas and Chary VR are more requirement at no point does she demonstrate or walk you through how she actually set it up.   This guy point’s out some but not all the issues.  You see, I’m curious to see someone take it out of a box and actually configure it.  He didn’t actually show you everything either.  

I contact Oculus support and they also fell way short of my expectations.  The basicially told me turn it of and turn it back on again worse through an email :-\.  My specific point to him was “The K830 keyboard that I order from logitech comes with a separte Bluetooth device intended to go into a computer. How was that ever suppose to work with the Oculus Quest 2.”  One reddit channel is now saying that there are two different K830. I’m not even sure how accurate that is.

But how could I have chose the wrong thing when the I followed the link from the official Oculus website to the Logitech’s website to purchase the product? When it came with Logitech’s proprietary bluetooth USB device I was worried right away if/how it would work.

It’s really bad that they encourage you to use social media before giving any help in this way.  They should be tracking these problems better not social media.

Sometimes the Internet can be the place where idiots gather to agree. Even if you feel like I’m one of those idiots please help.

So, Weed is Legal?

I’m trying to figure out where we are with the U.S. Marijuana Laws. I know there has been a bunch of decriminalization efforts going on with it. But what are the actual laws. Here is a bill in congress basically decriminalization it, I think. I little research over to mpp.org informs me that there is a MORE Act but offers very little information not even a date to the article. I think marijuana is decriminalized in the us now. Here Marijuana Moment post says that the debate is over and the votes are in. is the whole session in congress that basically says so. this MSLawgroup link is is just not accurate. It’s not in the benefit of lawyers for Marijuana to be legal they make a lot of money off of those frivolous cases. So should I investing in Marihuana stocks now.