So, Weed is Legal?

I’m trying to figure out where we are with the U.S. Marijuana Laws. I know there has been a bunch of decriminalization efforts going on with it. But what are the actual laws. Here is a bill in congress basically decriminalization it, I think. I little research over to informs me that there is a MORE Act but offers very little information not even a date to the article. I think marijuana is decriminalized in the us now. Here Marijuana Moment post says that the debate is over and the votes are in. is the whole session in congress that basically says so. this MSLawgroup link is is just not accurate. It’s not in the benefit of lawyers for Marijuana to be legal they make a lot of money off of those frivolous cases. So should I investing in Marihuana stocks now.

Teracube 2w

My Teracube 2e have arrived and I’m very please.  It’s got everything I’ve always wanted in a phone. It’s the ultimate utility cellphone.  My goal for my cellphone is my mobile computer away from my computer.    I don’t play games on my cellphone.  I have many other devices  for that and if  I ever wanted to play games on it I’m pretty sure it would be good at it too.  When I saw this add campaign on kickstarter by teracube I had to jump on it.   

  • The specs are awesome, Just go look at them here.
  • It has dual sim cards.
  • headphone jack.  It doesn’t force me to have to connect some wireless headset.
  • You can change the battery.  The stupid practice of not making the batteries changeable and trying to sell cell phone charges is one of the dumbest things consumer seem to fall for. 
  • Of-course there is a micro-SD slot
  • The camera is pretty good.
  • It snappy and fast. 
  • The developer look like they are going to keep up with the development of the android system.
  • It comes with Google Apps (GApps) but there is a way to put a ROM on it that has no GApps.  I personally don’t have a problem with GApps.  But it is a minimalist phone.  I love the fact that the stock OS with the GApps on it made it a point to keep androids stock contact app.  Look around on your phone if your contacts android app forces you to upload you contacts to some other database your phone and your manufacturer took advantage you.  Google Contacts count as another database, don’t fool yourself 😉
  • There is a great developer community.

I’m sure as I go through I will find much more things that I like and I’ll share.  

OVH, Who Are They?

It’s interesting to come across an article like this when you are just searching reddit for information about “OVH Server”.

I got really crappy customer service from them so I decided to dig deeper.   There is no phone support in the us. 

Grasshopper Virtual Phone System

I find grasshopper to be responsive and have an overall educated customer service department.  Having a customer service department that is educated about the product is very important to having a productive phone call. 

The product does have a limitation and creates a dilemma for itself.   The voice in the dial-by-name directory can’t be changed so why would anyone purchase any of the voice over studios.  This  seems  like a huge oversight to me.   

Exodus Disappoints

Exodus has disappointed me again.  They never seem to have the currency you want to trade to available.  It seems they want to keep you locked in to a currency, no doubt at their convenience.  I will have to play with more wallets.

At this point the app doesn’t allow you to trade to any stablecoins. 

Departments on the Telephone

How and when did we get use to the idea of departments and waiting in line for different departments on the telephone?  When you called a company a bank for example isn’t it the worst thing when the transfer you to a different department?  When this happens to you at first it is astonishing because you thought you called one company, the next thing you know you realized you are being transferred around to different people in the same company.  

Quad Copters & Drones

Quad Copters and Drones have come such a long since I looked at them.  It’s easily been 6 years since I was interested in quad copters.   Based on all the advances I can’t even call them that anymore.  They really are drones.  Actually, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) are what I’m talking about and I’m buying some to find out their capabilities.  I think I’m going to get certified.    

DJI has some really awesome drones.  They are a good idea of cutting technology on a piece of hardware.  They are a bit expensive but they look like they are worth it.  

Beagle Drones seem descent but more research is required,

I like what onpoynt is doing, offering the drone creating (3D printing) & training.  They have much going.

Central Bank Digital Currency

The government wants to create a new blockchain that they control.  That’s all the CDBC (Central Bank Digital Currency) is.  Why would you ever use it?

2020 Foresight

I had a feeling 2020 was going to be a tumultuous year.  In fact.  I planned to take the whole year off.   I’ve had this plan for at-least 21 years.   I realized a few years ago I had a lot to do this year, so last year sometime I was talking to a friend and I said “hind sight is going to be 20/20 in 2020”.  As in people are going to look back at 2019 in 2020 and wish it was 2019 again.  He said you should copyright that.  These days I realize how right I am.  We were ending last year off with major scandals that made me wonder if our way of our life is in question, those scandals seem like nothing compared to what we are dealing with today.   

Windows 1803 Broke Networking

It’s that simple.  I installed Window 1803 on a computer for the first time and couldn’t see it on my network.  I looked around on the internet for about 10 minutes realized everyone else was having the same problem and just installed Windows version 1703 instead.  Good thing this was a fresh install.