Teracube 2w

My Teracube 2e have arrived and I’m very please.  It’s got everything I’ve always wanted in a phone. It’s the ultimate utility cellphone.  My goal for my cellphone is my mobile computer away from my computer.    I don’t play games on my cellphone.  I have many other devices  for that and if  I ever wanted to play games on it I’m pretty sure it would be good at it too.  When I saw this add campaign on kickstarter by teracube I had to jump on it.   

  • The specs are awesome, Just go look at them here.
  • It has dual sim cards.
  • headphone jack.  It doesn’t force me to have to connect some wireless headset.
  • You can change the battery.  The stupid practice of not making the batteries changeable and trying to sell cell phone charges is one of the dumbest things consumer seem to fall for. 
  • Of-course there is a micro-SD slot
  • The camera is pretty good.
  • It snappy and fast. 
  • The developer look like they are going to keep up with the development of the android system.
  • It comes with Google Apps (GApps) but there is a way to put a ROM on it that has no GApps.  I personally don’t have a problem with GApps.  But it is a minimalist phone.  I love the fact that the stock OS with the GApps on it made it a point to keep androids stock contact app.  Look around on your phone if your contacts android app forces you to upload you contacts to some other database your phone and your manufacturer took advantage you.  Google Contacts count as another database, don’t fool yourself 😉
  • There is a great developer community.

I’m sure as I go through I will find much more things that I like and I’ll share.  

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