Grasshopper Virtual Phone System

I find grasshopper to be responsive and have an overall educated customer service department.  Having a customer service department that is educated about the product is very important to having a productive phone call. 

The product does have a limitation and creates a dilemma for itself.   The voice in the dial-by-name directory can’t be changed so why would anyone purchase any of the voice over studios.  This  seems  like a huge oversight to me.   

Exodus Disappoints

Exodus has disappointed me again.  They never seem to have the currency you want to trade to available.  It seems they want to keep you locked in to a currency, no doubt at their convenience.  I will have to play with more wallets.

At this point the app doesn’t allow you to trade to any stablecoins. 

Departments on the Telephone

How and when did we get use to the idea of departments and waiting in line for different departments on the telephone?  When you called a company a bank for example isn’t it the worst thing when the transfer you to a different department?  When this happens to you at first it is astonishing because you thought you called one company, the next thing you know you realized you are being transferred around to different people in the same company.